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    The O’2 Nails India Boutique is an exclusive Global Circle of Beauty Talents.

    Over the years, O’2 Nails India Boutique has become the authority for discerning people around India to rely on to have their Nail Art needs to be met. In all our Members and Partners, we look for Excellence across the board, passion for their work, and a genuine desire to give the “gift of Beauty”. Multiple Boutiques in India passed the demanding O’2 Nails India Boutique accreditation process and are now forming the exclusive global Circle of the O’2 Nails India Boutique. Anywhere in India, you are assured to experience the same premium quality service in a select environment, with a person that speaks English if you desire to.

    Benefits of Nail Art Industry Business

    The Nail Art Boutique business is rarely the first option to consider when they start evaluating any business. But, when they learn more, they find that Nail Art industry is like no other.

    ​Nail Art is an industry that is

    • ​All Cash business.
    • One time investment
    • Low Manpower cost, low operating cost.
    • Recession-proof (how hard the recession hit, People can’t stop Nail Art etc)
    • 365 days of revenue
    • Negligible seasonality – 12-month business
    • Is relevant in all communities and economic climates.
    • Is a fundamental service, a basic necessity to all.
    • Doesn’t change or get obsolete with technology upgrades.
    • Have, low non-perishable inventory requirements.
    • Cannot be outsourced.
    • Is about making people look and feel good about themselves.
    • Very low competition – Social Barrier.
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