About Us

The O’2 Nails India Boutique is an exclusive Global Circle of Beauty Talents.

Over the past 29 years, O’2 Nails India Boutique has become the authority for discerning people around the world to rely on to have their Beauty needs to be met. In all our Members and Partners, we look for Excellence across the board, passion for their work, and genuine desire to give the “gift of Beauty”.

4000 Salons in 90 cities in the world passed the demanding O’2 Nails India Boutique accreditation process and are now forming the exclusive global Circle of the O’2 Nails India Boutique. Anywhere in the world, you are assured to experience the same premium quality service in a select environment, with a person that speaks English if you desire to.

In parallel, we have identified and built exclusive relationships with the best Beauty/Wellness/Fitness/Fashion/Design/Stylist Influencers in the world. Each one contributes through their own body of knowledge, and trademarked approach to the advancement of their field, and brings a whole world of exciting possibilities to our search for real Beauty. We partner with each of them to offer you Tailored Services exclusively available through our platform.

Our guests are, just like you, discerning clients and travelers-in-style, demanding by nature and by necessity, jet setters, businesswomen and businessmen. As they travel the globe, they rely on us as their Beauty Tailor to inspire them and curate the finest products and services suited to their personal needs, image, and personality. We make sure they stay at their best wherever they are, whenever they most need it to.


O’2 Nails India Boutique raises the bar in the Beauty Business so that more people realize the “power of real Beauty”, and rightly empowered are able to make the right choices for themselves and optimize their natural Beauty assets. We help high achieving Salons and Beauty professionals to get the attention they deserve and succeed in their endeavor’s. Our guests, all discerning clients, and travelers-in-style, demanding by nature and by necessity, jet setters, businesswomen and businessmen, rely on us and our trusted Experts and Services to cater to their precious asset as their Beauty Tailor.

O’2 Nails India Boutique BELIEFS

Beauty is not a shallow preoccupation. Nor is it for certain people only. Beauty is a very important asset that is in everyone’s best interest to leverage. Men and women alike, CEO leading the boardroom, or simply in our daily life… Our personal image, the way we come across, that first impression we form in the other’s mind is our personal “brand”. There is, want it or not, ready or not, always a value attached to your appearance. We believe it is smart to make it work for you!

In a society that is so competitive. It is even more important to manage your Beauty capital in the most effective way. There is a value attached to Youth if you keep it together, as well as to maturity as long as you know how to keep it youthful and relevant.

​Beauty is luckily complex. Beauty is not Beauty is not Beauty. There is no one ideal representation of Beauty, no one size fits all either, no dogma of style. Each of us is unique, multi-dimensional, and aspire to different things for ourselves. There is an inherent Beauty in that reality. We seek Talents who respect that very basic ethical element in their work.

Empowerment comes from finding the most appealing outer expression of your most valuable inner being. At that point, we communicate all we are and meet our own potential. We look and feel at our best, and that precious state projects invaluable confidence. Confidence that comes from real Beauty.

At O’2 Nails India Boutique, what we call Beauty is a combination of “style”, “youthfulness” and “charisma”.


Integrity: O’2 Nails India Boutique is an independent entity with high selective standards of accreditation in the Beauty Industry. (Standards are the same worldwide to ensure consistency of expectations). Members commit to withholding these standards over time. Unsatisfactory unannounced visits (mystery guest), conducted all through the year, can result in the exclusion from the O’2 Nails India Boutique Circle.

Reach for Excellence: We look for the magic tritium-via: impeccable Savoir-Faire, thoughtful guest Experience, and genuine Passion for giving the gift of Beauty.

Passion: We believe you can only be great at what you genuinely believe in and passionately love. We seek these qualities in all our Members and Partners.

Curiosity: Curiosity leads to change. We embrace change since it is inevitable. We appreciate and support people who have in them the unquenchable thirst for discovery, the open mind to look at things with a welcoming interest, and the personality to stand up for themselves and choose what is good for them.

Benefits of Nail Art Industry Business

The Nail Art salon business is rarely the first option consider when they start evaluating any business. But, when they learn more, they find that the Nail Art industry is like no other.

Who Are We

Since our first involvement in the nail art industry in 2003, we’ve completed the development of the embedded control systems. After many years of hard work, and launched the professional nail art equipment “Artpro Nail”(The former brand of O’2Nails) which not only has changed the face of the nail printer industry that was once deprived of core technology, it has also made our company the only enterprise in the world who can continue to produce and supply nail art equipment to this day.

We continued to increase the shaping and promotion of our brand, which has been introduced into the production line by the global luxury brand “DIOR” as well as the chain stores of the world’s top cosmetics brand “SEPHORA”, and is used by several celebrity saloons in Hollywood.

Who is O’2 Nails, India

Nail Art Boutique is $10 Billion industry in USA and growing at rate of 500% in India. Foreseeing the growth and potential of this market based on growth of disposable income and its expenditure towards personal care, we ventured with Guangzhou Taiji Electronics Co. Limited. They are pioneer in nail art machine business since 2003.

O2 Nails India was founded by two highly motivated and success-driven entrepreneurs that pride themselves on discovering some of the finest ideas and innovations. Then providing these ideas to their valued clients. O2 Nails India is a new revolution in the nail industry allowing businesses and consumer more choices of design while saving time. With technology the nail industry will change and O2 Nails India is at the forefront of this transformation. O2 Nails India working with O2 Nails as exclusive distributor for O2 Nail printing machines for India & South East Asia and incorporated the Alpsho Ventures Private Limited for doing distribution in India. We want to set up permanent nail art boutique in Tier 1 & 2 cities in 2017-18 in 55 potential shopping malls.

We believe in “we change the way you think about your nails”.

Our management has professional experience of international trading since 2010. Their professional expertise and experience help us to manage complex and specialized trade activities in a highly professional manner with complete satisfaction of our business partners.